Playing team sports has many advantages. And he has them for children, teenagers and even adults. This is recognized by all experts in medicine and psychology. It is true that, for many, there is no choice but to train alone if you want to do some sport, but those who have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a group sport, should not let it pass. Here is a short list of those benefits.

Practicing team sports

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It is known by all that physical exercise is not only good for physical health, but that it is equally important for mental health . A study conducted by the British University of Essex confirmed the great global benefit that involved for the human being to exercise in the open air, even if it were only five minutes.

Now is the right time to consider the new objectives for the next season. In the case of football, which will soon begin the first matches of the different leagues, or basketball, which in particular is preparing to celebrate its World Cup in Spain, where the best basketball bets in the world will be gathered , professional athletes are already heating engines in the preseason. It is therefore a good time to review, for example, the benefits reported psychologically practicing group sports .

Benefit of team sports

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Respect for the rules

The practice of all group sports is carried out under clear rules and guidelines that must be respected by all participants. This factor is very important for your children to understand that both on the field of play and outside of it there are rules that must be met. In addition, through sports they can understand that these rules are not imposed by chance but that their compliance depends on the harmony of the team and the competition, just as the laws in society work.


If one of your children’s classmates forgets to take their snack, it is very likely that they will decide to share the lunch box. During childhood an act of companionship as simple as this teaches children the importance of helping their team members and understand that when given or received support is much easier to achieve the objectives.

Respect for differences

When playing as a team, differences do not matter. If your children have had discussions with one of their classmates, they will be put aside because in the end everyone must work for the common goal of winning. This attitude will help them tolerate and respect the personality of others and avoid delaying problems that can be easily resolved in the end.


At some point your children will have to take on the leadership of the team and test the ability to lead their peers. The great advantages that a child assumes the position of leader are the contribution to the strengthening of their capacities to work in groups and the opportunity to forge a criterion that allows to assume and assign responsibilities that facilitate the team’s triumph.


Success in the practice of any sport depends on discipline, but when it comes to a team sport commitment to the group is a factor that makes respect for practice schedules and the responsibility to fulfill the tasks that make it stronger. be assigned to improve performance. Many times when a child practices an individual sport, they can lose enthusiasm and abandon their goal, while the support of a team that encourages them increases their commitment to stand firm and disciplined.

Strategic thinking

The success of a sports team consists in the identification of the skills of each of its members and the creation of an effective strategy that enhances those individual strengths. In principle the person in charge of creating the strategy is the team coach, but over time the competitors learn to identify the factors that must be considered in order to come up with a plan that leads the team to victory.

Humility and frustration management

In sports competitions many times your children will enjoy the victory but they will also learn to face the defeats. This is a great lesson for their lives because it will show them that even if they win or lose the most important thing is to have fun during the game and compete.

Increase in self-esteem

Surely when your children mark a point in favor of the team you are in the front row ready to tell them how proud you feel about them. This recognition is fundamental for your children to strengthen their self-esteem knowing that they are important and that their contributions are recognized by others.

Strengthens family ties

Another great advantage of the practice of team sports is that competitions are not only the children’s business but they become family activities that increase confidence, generate more pleasant communication and, in addition to helping you fulfill your role as a mother , make you a friend more of your children.

Avoid sedentary leisure activities

Children have a lot of free time and currently it is common for them to go to activities that do not require them to move and interact with other children, such as watching television, playing video games or surfing the internet. Although these activities strengthen their cognitive abilities, it is not good that they dedicate all their rest time to doing them. Ideally, they should alternate with others that help them develop communication and integration skills.

You do not need more reasons! Encourage your children to include sports as a team within their recreation activities, choose an alternative that fits your personal tastes and become the number one fan to have fun and at the same time improve their physical skills and social.

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Less competitiveness, greater cooperation

Sport is a field of life where competitiveness is accepted. In fact, sometimes it’s their reason for being: the championships dispute. But this should not blind us: if it is not a professional level, being first should not be the most important thing. Sport is a school of life, where values ​​are learned that are then extrapolated to the daily environment: work, friends, family … And team sports, in particular, help to enhance cooperation, the development of joint strategies, to yield to one’s convictions in order to reach a common agreement in pursuit of a final goal …

Team sports: Accepting authority and discipline

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Although many of those who practice individual sports have their own personal ‘trainers’, the figure of the coach is more common in team sports. Knowing how to accept their authority and assume group discipline is a value that is also positive in one’s personal life. The figure of the captain, with its nuances, is also positive when it comes to taking on roles.

A form of socialization

Focusing on childhood, collective sports are a good way to socialize the little ones. Nothing better than your favorite activity to make new friends, with which you will have at least one great common point: the passion for that sport. But the funny thing is that, according to some experts, this socialization is also positive for parents: in the stands, during matches or trainings, relations of closer proximity are woven than in other areas such as work.

Greater tolerance for effort in team sports

And finally, from a more technical point of view, in team sports physical performance can be higher … even though we do not realize it. Psychological or not, has not it ever happened to you that the effort is made more bearable if you go out to run in a group or if you make a bicycle route with more people?

Therefore, collective sports are a very good recommendation for people of all ages. And we remind you that in Decimals you can find equipment for equipment, such as uniforms or equipment for clubs.

Individual or team sport? This is the question

September, the month in which everything starts again, comes with a lot of doubts about what kind of sport you should aim for your children. That practicing sport is necessary for children, we have it clear. The problem comes when deciding what kind of sport to practice because, in many cases, our children do not know all the options or do not have a favorite sport.

On the one hand, it is very important to know which options are best suited to the tastes and interests of our children. We should not fall into false myths or standardized sports for different sexes or ages. Ask them!

In addition, depending on the personality of your children or their preferences you can hesitate between choosing collective or individual sports, or both! Here we leave some indications of each of the types that can help you to make a decision.

Collective sports



Playing sports in a group has many advantages. As happens to adults, the fact of having a group with which to practice and share a good time, makes the laziness vanish.

In the schools, sports centers or sports facilities of any of our neighborhoods or towns, this type of activity is organized. Some as common as football, basketball or dance, and others less like rugby, handball or artistic gymnastics.

All of them involve a physical and psychological development of our children that can be very beneficial, while preventing certain cardiovascular diseases. No matter which one you choose, the important thing is to exercise and that our children socialize.

This socialization with the group is a very important part for their development, since they allow them to learn social values ​​such as companionship or empathy. In addition, instilling this type of collective and popular sports will open a list of healthy leisure possibilities.

In any part of the country it is easy to find public sports tracks in which children and young people practice sports in an idle way . Sharing moments with friends in them or meeting new people will be very positive experiences that will be recorded in the memories of your little ones.

Individual sports

The practice of individual sports is increasing socially in recent years, especially since the explosion of running. Have you ever been encouraged to try, eh! However, it’s not all about running. There are sports such as tennis or swimming that are very popular with children and young people and very easy to access.

Like the collective sports, they have innumerable benefits on the health of those who practice it, but there are more. The ability to concentrate and overcome is exacerbated when the healthy competition in this type of sports is individual.

It also helps our children to know themselves better, to self-stimulate and find their limits to progress in sports, since it will always depend on themselves and not on a group. In addition, it allows to develop a greater personal independence than when practicing sports or any other group activity.

These are some indications that we can take into account when encouraging our children to choose a sport to practice. The most important thing is that they like it, but maybe it can also help you develop certain abilities. For example, if your son or daughter is very shy, group sports are sure to help you socialize better.

Finally, encourage your children to practice team sports and take advantage of all the benefits that this activity provides for their physical and social development. Sport is a perfect complement to make your children grow up healthy and strong because physical activity benefits the proper development of your body. But the exercise not only intervenes in the physical plane, the practice of this type of activities also has a great impact on the development of interpersonal relationships of children, especially when it comes to team sports.

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