Ten quirky features that attract the attention of car buyers

When you’re selling a car, you want to know all the tricks to capture the attention of your next buyer. These are ten of the quirkier features that are likely to get you a rapid sell!. Or maybe that they are the features that you won’t be able to resist as a buyer yourself…

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For a Volkswagen Golf

Did you know that the favourite thing that drivers love about this car – is the gear knob with its distinctive golf ball shape? It’s a secret feature that many of the car’s owners have never even recognised before.

The Beetle’s vase

One of the most iconic cars, the Volkswagen Beetle has a vase fitted at the factory which adds a fun floral touch. Owners added flowers or pens to their vase to customise their car.

The Vauxhall Corsa flexi boot

The FlexFix model in the popular Corsa range has an integrated bike rack with a FlexFit system that was extremely easy to use and which pops out behind the back number plate.

Skoda’s rain avoiding device

Speaking of secret features, Skoda has a wonderful integrated umbrella that is hidden just out of sight in the door pocket. Will it be a favourite feature this year?

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Mini lights and hood-down trackers

In the meantime, the Mini also has ambient lighting that can be adjusted according to your personal needs to create a light show. And with the convertible, there is an Openometer feature which tells you exactly how much time you spend with the hood down.

Honda’s magic seats

Honda is renowned for its Jazz seats which can be folded up completely to free up valuable space for moving bulky and large items.

Citroen’s fragrant addition

The Citroen DS3 took customisation one step further with an inbuilt air freshener which would allow you to choose your favourite fragrance and waft it around the cabin – with no further need for rear-view mirror air-fresheners spoiling your view.

These features still intrigue traders today – and could easily prevent you from remembering to secure your Motor Trade Insurance at a great price! Get sorted today and remember quote me today provide quotes online for motor trade insurance with real ease.

We all have things that we love about our cars – but which car features are your quirky favourites?

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