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The advantages of leasing a car

Car leasing is a great way to drive off in a brand new car without having to find a lump sum of money. Car leasing in Leicester – as well as other major UK cities – is fast catching on as an alternative way to get your hands on a new vehicle. There are a number of advantages to leasing and in this article, we take a look at the top reasons why leasing is becoming increasingly more popular.

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Low Monthly Payments and No Down Payment

One of the most obvious benefits to leasing is that you only pay a small sum of money compared to what you would be paying out for a loan. According to The Telegraph leasing a car is one of the cheapest ways to purchase a car and while you don’t actually own it; you don’t have to pay a down payment and the monthly costs are low.

New Car Every Few Years

Another attractive feature about leasing is that you get to drive away in a brand new car every few years (two to four years depending on your contract) and you can even lease a luxury car for less than it would cost you for a cheaper car if you chose to get a loan instead.

Reduced Hassle

Owning a car can be a headache. You need to organise everything from costly repairs through to selling the car when you want to buy a new one but when you lease a vehicle, you will find that a lot of the stress of owning a car is non-existent. The repairs are often covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and some lease deals will even include free scheduled maintenance work. You may have to take responsibility for contacting a mots gloucester company such as to complete your annual testing or your car may be too young to have to have these completed. This is something you should check with your lease company.

According to the money experts at leasing a car is often the smartest choice for people looking to purchase a new car with limited stress and hassle.

As well as cars, it is also possible to lease vans, trucks and specialist vehicles such as refrigerated units and many business owners as well as private car owners are recognising the benefits of leasing compared to buying in 2015.

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