The Benefits of Using a Team App in Your Business

Findings have shown that more than 80% of today’s workforce works desk less. This often leaves room for miscommunication. And that is why most companies have started evaluating their internal-communication strategies and ultimately switching to team apps. Whether you run a company with 50 or 5000 employees, a streamlined internal communication strategy is vital for that company’s success. Right from the front-line employees to the management team, a team app will provide equal access to information, build teamwork and drive up your productivity. Some of the benefits of using such an app include;

1.Streamlined Communication

Keeping track of your company’s data and correspondence can be overwhelming especially when the internal communication spreads across the information highway of paper, email and verbal correspondence. However, a scheduling app like Genio is able to centralize your internal communication into a more organized platform for better employee experience. The app offers a unified communication portal from where the team members can access all the relevant information such as schedules, company news and pay stubs in a secure and user-friendly manner.

2.Offline Access To Documents 

If your team members are based in remote locations or places with poor internet connection, such an app will allow them to have offline access to the relevant documents and materials. With the team app in place, team members will be able to view and browse through some of the latest documents or information sent. Moreover, they can set the app for offline access which enables them to access the documents even when the internet is down.

3.More Efficient Collaboration and Workflow 

If you have numerous storefronts or branches for your business or you have different teams working on the same project, collaboration can be quite a challenge. For instance, you may find yourself in situations where the same task has been handled twice or some tasks left out. However, with the team app in place, it becomes easier to assign different tasks to different groups, everyone is kept abreast with the status of their respective tasks and with the real-time communication features, it becomes easier to relay communication on any updates, or changes.

4.Customizable Workspace

The team app developers understand that each team is unique and that is why they have made provisions for that. Ideally, the app can be customized to your unique needs and preferences. For instance, you can integrate it with a third party. The marketing team may be able to receive live updates from sites such as twitter, which will enable them to receive communication from the management as well as responses from customers and ultimately take appropriate actions in that respect.

Other benefits you will enjoy from integrating a schedule maker app in your business operations or when working on a specific project include; elimination of the hierarchy gaps, it becomes easier to measure the employee experience, and it will also save you a lot of time in your communication as well as collaboration. If you want to improve communication, boost your efficiency, and increase the profitability of your business, using a good quality team app such as the Genio app can reliably meet your needs.

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