excuses to get out of work in advance

The Best Excuses to Get Out of Work in Advance

Although it is part of our routine, not every day we feel the desire to go to work. Many times a personal or family problem, a touch with a coworker or a situation that has us downcast completely take away the desire to fulfill our responsibility. Although missing work without having a real reason to justify the absence is not recommended, eventually it may happen that it causes us to do it, in those cases what to say? Here, we give you some of the best excuses to get out of work in advance, watch out!

Best excuses to get out of work in advance

Before mentioning some of the best excuses for missing work, it is good to make something very clear: using any of these lies frequently to be absent from your work is not recommended, and it could have serious consequences. No company wants to have on its staff an employee who is constantly absent on any pretext, someone sick or problematic, so he uses these excuses only as an extreme case.

ow, to get into the subject, one of the best excuses for missing work is saying that you are sick to your stomach. Food poisoning happens suddenly and leaves us in check for a few hours, but allows us to return the next day with some “discomfort” but ready to work. Of course, the next day you must eat light or your story will be dismantled.

The migraines not fail, and who suffers from them knows: I usually leave you lying in bed without the ability to do much. You can always use this excuse to miss work.

excuses to get out of work in advance

If you are a woman, then the discomforts caused by menstruation can be great allies and one of the best excuses for missing work. Nobody will ask you for a medical receipt and the next day you will be as nothing.

A good excuse is also one that points to some malfunction at home: a broken pipe, a short circuit, a flood, anything that requires your attention and that merits you staying home during the day.

If you’ve applied all of those excuses before and don’t want to sound repetitive, then you can list a couple more that, while completely unethical, may work for your purposes:

  • “My child has a fever at home and I must stay with him”
  • “My wife is not well, she does not stop vomiting and it seems to me that I will take him to the clinic”
  • “A leak damaged the roof of the house and I must stay and wait for the workers who will repair it”

Before using any of these good excuses for missing work, we recommend that you take into account some details to avoid screwing up:

  • Do not kill anyone, these types of lies are very fat and difficult to maintain.
  • Remember the lies you tell, because they may come to bill you.
  • Do not explain too much, many explanations might sound like you are trying to excuse yourself because it is a lie.
  • Don’t be too brief, a message with 4 words is also suspicious.
  • Of course, don’t be absent to go to the beach or for a walk. The next day your tropical brown tone could give you away.
  • If you “get sick to your stomach,” don’t eat a hamburger the next day at the office.
  • If the one who is ill is your son or your partner, be careful with going on the weekend to a superfamily outing and counting it in the office.
  • Excuse yourself the next day if someone questions you, but once again be careful not to explain too much.

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