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The importance of regularly updating your website

You may think that once you have had your website built that you can just leave it to work away on the internet, attracting your new customers and business. However, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are regularly updating and maintaining your website. This is where Website Maintenance Cardiff companies can help as they will ensure that your site is working on the most up to date platform and take care of all of the work for you.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should have your website regularly looked at.

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Impressions mean everything

Your website may be the first time that potential customer gets to see your brand and the impression that they get will either have them browsing your site or will see them click off it within the first thirty seconds. If you have content that is out of date on your website or perhaps you haven’t updated your news or blog section for the last six months, this doesn’t give a favourable impression of your business. You want potential customers to view you as reliable and trustworthy and one of the ways you can achieve this is to keep your website updated with relevant information. You will also find that this will encourage your existing customers to keep visiting you, especially if you are producing a monthly newsletter or blog that contains information that they will find useful. It is much easier to keep an existing client that it is to try and build new relationships.

Feeling the Search Engine love

The more often you update your website (be careful not to overdo it) the more search engines will see new, engaging content appearing. This has a positive impact on your SEO rankings – where you appear in a person’s search engine results as well as ranking for the keywords that are relevant to your company and the business sector that you operate in.

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Security on any type of website is of paramount importance and when you have your website regularly maintained you will ensure that any new updates or patches are included and will keep your site as safe as it can be from hackers and viruses. Hackers, more often than not, gain access to a site through outdated software. Once a new security patch is available you will find that hackers increase their activity, hoping to find companies that have not been proactive in updating their website systems.

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