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The intrigue behind the British Shorthair breed

There are almost too many cat breeds to mention and with at rescue centres bursting at the seams it seems there is no shortage of cats available for those looking for a furry little friend in their lives.

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Did you know that the British Shorthair breed was amongst the first to be both bred on a larger scale and given show status? These cats have been given a pedigree name and are not only popular with owners in Britain but also across Europe and the USA. You can even find Cat Lap trays from with their beautiful little faces on.

Here are some facts you may not know about this breed:

History – cats were first introduced into the UK by the Roman invaders as a way to control the vermin population and this continued to be the case for many years. During the late 1800s the British Shorthair began to be seen as a pedigree breed and its popularity started to increase. This was naturally halted during the two world wars and they almost reached extinction point. The breed was brought back due to the dedication of breeders and lovers of this type of cat. British Shorthairs are now seen as a high-profile pedigree breed and are often seen at cat shows across the country and even internationally.

Watch their diets – they are a cat breed that put on weight very easily so it is important to make sure that watch their diets very carefully and control what they eat. This is further compounded if they are being kept as indoor cats and also because they are big fans of lunging around, especially if there is a warm lap for them to sit on.

Overall health

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Family cat – British Shorthairs make wonderful family cats and if treated right make great pets for children. This is down to their affectionate and generally placid temperament. They are one of the breeds that maintain their kitten-like playfulness and personality until quite late on in life which means that they are naturally inquisitive and want to be involved in all the activities that are going on around them. They tend to be quite quiet cats unless it is getting close to time for their meals in which case, they will let you know that they are hungry.

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