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The man who bought London Bridge to the USA

Once there was desert. There was nothing there at all but snakes and heat. Then the Hoover Dam was built and this piece of Arizona desert sudden found itself in possession of a lake.  One entrepreneur R P Mculloch had a vision. Why not build a city here at Lake Havasu? This original idea might seem nuts but the next phase after the initial town buildings were added was even crazier. The city he felt needed an attraction and that attraction was going to be London Bridge. This was the same London Bridge that was falling down constantly and was being held up by a variety of unsuitable materials installed by a series of “my fair ladies”. The bridge was finished in 1863 the great work of the designer and builder John Rennie. The only problem was when it was built in the heart of London to increase traffic over the Thames and link the North and South of the city it was only envisaged to take horses, carts and people. It was not designed to support great big London buses, cars and a huge increase in the urban populace or the London pollution. So, by the 1960’s it literally was falling down or at least sinking fast into the river bed and a new one was needed. The problem was what to do with the old one.

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Historically the bridge was important, and people were loath to see it simply demolished. That is when the local authority’s PR person for the Bridge House estates Ivan Luckin made a bold suggestion; they should sell it. At first the local authority was dumbfounded. This was a ridiculous idea. However, when Luckin pointed out that could get about three million dollars for it they suddenly took an interest. Mculloch was already aggressively selling land space and property at Lake Havasu and this was the boost to the economy it needed. He saw the ad and made enquires and soon a deal was reached. Other buyers wanted to bits of it but Lukin stuck to his guns and then Mculloch came along and offered one million and twenty-five thousand pounds for the lot. Deal done Luckin came home and the press went wild. Some myths suggest that Mculloch thought he was buying Tower Bridge but this really not the case. Mculloch may have been eccentric but he was no fool and he knew exactly what he was getting. The whole bridge was labelled piece by piece, by hand by one man. It was like the biggest bit of Lego every. I’ll bet that they wished they’d had the services off a Same day courier Slough area way to sort it all out. You may not need a bridge moving but will help you out with any problem.

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The bridge is still going strong and has an English village built around it with a pub and a Double decker bus that ferries people across.

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