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The Pendragons. Uther and Arthur.

If you want to look at some of inspiration of Game of Thrones, then the life of Uther Pendragon and his son Arthur would make a good few episodes. George R Martin cites the work of Geoffery of Monmouth and Glidas as some of his sources for the medieval fantasy that he writes but when you look into the life and times of these Kings of Britain then some of the stuff that happens in Game of Thrones is quite tame. It’s probably because they have the grand Wizard Merlin all tied up into the tale as well and when you have a magic user hanging around (Gandalf springs to mind) then anything can happen, and it generally does. The Pendragons are Welsh (in some versions of the stories at least) and you can see that the depth of feeling for the family is still strong in the fact that so many companies in South Wales like a Skip Hire Swansea firm for example. Why do the Pendragons involve such a strong sense of loyalty? Let’s see some of the stories about them.

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In the dark ages Britain was a land divided. The Roman legions had gone, and their admin guys had made it pretty clear that they were not coming back and that perhaps the Romano-Britains left behind might like to look to their own defences for a bit. At least they didn’t have to send any tax money to Rome anymore. They employed several Germanic tribes like the Angles, Saxons and Jutes to defend the east coast and they decided to stay which wasn’t part of the deal. The popular view by Gildas and Geoffery of Monmouth is that the Uther was determined to repel them as was his son Arthur. So, with the perfect set of bad guys ranged against them, the story of the Round Table was born with its Knights of heroic deeds and Ladies of virtue and honour (except Morgana, Arthur half sister how has some very Lannister/Targaryen thoughts about Arthur.

Uther is no saint but he is could at battles and Merlin picks him out as being the man to unite the Kingdoms of Britain against the Saxon “invader”. Uther fancies the Duke of Kernow’s (Cornwall) wife Igraine and this is sticking point for peace. The Duke isn’t keen to do a Channel Four style wife swap especially as Uther doesn’t have one. This means war.

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Merlin casts a magical spell to allow Uther to ride over a chasm to Tintagel when the Duke is out looking for a fight. Merlin gives Uther the appearance of the Duke and Igraine welcomes him back. The Duke is killed in battle and 9 months later Arthur turns up. And so the legend is born.

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