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The telephone may have changed but VOIP is certainly the future.

How many of us can remember a time like in the nineteen seventies when the telephone was an expensive item that was only available through a special British Telecom shop? You couldn’t just waltz into a shop and buy a phone; the whole process took planning and time plus a quite high budget. There was the cost to consider as the phone line would be needed to be added and an engineer would need to be dispatched so that the necessary ground work could be done. There was a long and somewhat arduous conversation about what was required with a British Telecom sales advisor who would talk you through the phones finer points namely that it had an analogue dial on the front that you turned to get the number you wanted.

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One advantage was that there were only 5 to remember although you still needed the area code. It was very annoying when you would ask for the number and the person would reply “Chelmsford 46536” and you would then be obliged to find out what the code was for Chelmsford as the person on the other end plainly didn’t know. As with computers if you can buy it in the shops you can guarantee that the product is pretty much already out of date and the research and development teams have already come up with something new and better than what you’ve just bought. It’s hard to credit the fact that at one point the UK topped the world for the ownership of home computers. This was helped by some degree of the work of Sir Clive Sinclair and the BBC Acorn computers that suddenly burst on the market. Again, it’s difficult explain to a young person that programs were loaded onto the system by a tape deck or a floppy disk without them looking at you incredulously. They are used to the rapid change that has been termed the white heat of technology. Those early home computers have given way to several new generations since the start off the use of digital. The importance of WiFi over the dear old dial up landline for example, it’s impossible to think that we would settle for using that now. There was a time though that the network cable connected us to the world and for many this is still the case. Perhaps then we should not be surprised with the new name on telecommunications being the VOIP phone?

Your next question may well be “what is a VOIP phone?”, and that is a very interesting question that I will now attempt to answer. VOIP means the voice over the internet protocol. The clue there is voice over. What the system provides you with in a nutshell is a way of communicating over the phone but instead of using that dear old landline that we spoke of earlier where a special British Telecom engineer had to come out, all you need now is a connection to the internet. It’s really quite a simple idea to use the net instead of a landline. The process is similar to that utilised by the Skype technology except that crucially this time you don’t have the vision element. It will quite happily work by connecting you to the person you want to talk to without you having to worry that the camera is on.

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You will however need a provider for this service and there are many International voip wholesale provider companies like can help other businesses which specifically deal with communication. We all understand how deeply the importance of communication is in business especially in this modern age. This isn’t just about communicating with the customer or potential prospects and leads, this is also about being able to speak freely and speedily with other businesses about what you can actually do for each other. When you work in the field of communication itself it is sort of a given that you should be at the cutting edge of technology and the voip phone is certainly something that you need to get involved with especially as more and more customers are looking to move across to this type of technology for their office communication needs.  It’s certainly not what Alexander Graham Bell expected when he exhibited his new invention nor was it the thought behind Sir Tim Berners Lee creations.

Regardless of this voip is certainly something that you should be looking into to change your business’s communication and other ways of working now and to help minimise any disruptions to you should you at any point look into relocating offices, want to take some time away or work from home for a while. VOIP technology is revolutionising the way that businesses both small and large interact with their customers and prospective customers.

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