miami science museum

Things to see in Miami science museum

Miami is honored to welcome a new and renovated science museum that promises to be an essential point of the visit for travelers of all ages. Why is this museum a must and what makes it so special? We tell you everything in this article!

Things to see in Miami science museum

Miami has a science museum since 1949, the former “Junior Museum of Miami” has been small for years. Thus, after Phillip Frost and his wife Patricia decided to donate a large amount of money to the center in 2011, it was decided to renovate it completely and move it to a new and modern building that would be built on Biscayne Boulevard. This process took time, but finally, the New Frost Science Museum in Miami is finished.

Frost Miami Science Museum

Frost Miami Science Museum

Miami Science Museum is located on a two-hectare space in Downtown Miami with magnificent views of the bay. The new educational center has more than 23,000 square meters divided into four spaces: the Aquarium, the Frost Planetarium, and the north and south wings.

Address: 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami.

Opening hours: Every day from 9 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

In Saturdays open until 8:30 p.m.

How to get there: It is possible to drive to the Miami Science Museum, but the parking lot at the bottom of the Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum that also gives access to the Pérez Art Museum Miami is very expensive, $ 8 per hour. If you’re staying in downtown Miami (Downtown Miami) or Brickell, you can use Miami’s free shuttle, Metromover, which has a station right in front of the two museums.

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Tickets for the Frost Science Museum in Miami

Tickets to the new and modern Miami Science Museum are now available. The normal entrance includes access to all the exhibitions of the museum and representation in the Planetarium although some temporary exhibitions may have the extra cost.

Admission adults: The entrance of the Frost Science Museum Miami costs the 24 dollars

Children’s ticket (3-15 years): 15 dollars.

Discount: The entrance to the Frost Science Museum is included in the Go Miami Card tourism card and also in the Miami Explorer Pass. You can save up to 56% on Miami attractions. Miami Dade residents will receive a 15% discount on passes.

museum for everyone

A museum for everyone in Miami

The new science museum in Miami promises to be a meeting point for all those who want to learn something from the world around us and offer fun and interactive exhibitions suitable for all audiences. In this museum, it will be possible to discover from the ocean to the Everglades and from the human cells to the great outer space in a fascinating journey through the history of humanity and the most important scientific advances. The best? All the information panels are in both English. So that, nobody loses anything.

Strengths of the Miami Science Museum

Strengths of the Miami Science Museum

This new museum, like its predecessor, emphasizes the education and training of new generations, as well as respect and conservation of flora and fauna of Florida. This is done by letting the little ones dream and awakening their curiosity, letting them interact with the environment. For this, we believe that these three points of the journey will be key.

unique aquarium in the World

A unique aquarium in the World

The aquarium of the Frost Science Museum, with almost 2 million liters of salt water, has the peculiarity that allows the visitor to observe the animals contained in form 3 different heights: The Vista, The Dice, and The Deep. Thus, it is possible to observe animals that move at different depths and, in addition to seeing real specimens, enjoy the complete information on interactive screens that explain the particularities of each animal as well as the currents and all that is necessary to know to understand marine life in all its complexity.

This planetarium will be after its opening one of the most modern in the United States. With space for 250 people, the room will offer not only the best astronomical representations, but it will also allow the spectator to travel to the great coral reef or discover the human body inside. This system with 16 million colors and 8K images reproduced by six projectors and surround sound, promise to make each session a unique experience. Also, the dome-shaped space is tilted 23.5 degrees to see its screen of more than 20 meters without obstacles as if you were flying.

River of glass

River of glass

This digital representation of a river moves the youngest to one of the richest ecosystems on the planet: The Everglades. This exhibition has two spaces, an interactive outdoor area and a digital interior where the Everglades are represented in detail. This new technology allows children to interact with both nature and animals in the area and be part of a fun journey through biodiversity, hydrology and environmental science.

Light, color, and geometry

This museum, in addition to bringing us the best of the natural sciences by transporting us to the sea, the countryside, and space, also allows us to learn exciting things about new technologies. Your LASERsHOW exhibition donated by the Hsiao family allows you to discover the laser-like never before and learn about the physics of light in a fun way.



The Frost Museum of Science in Miami offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history of humanity entertainingly. From the first inhabitants of the planet earth, the dinosaurs, to the first steps of a man in space. An interactive way of learning where we came from and how we have come to where we are unique.

After multiple delays in the original plan, the Frost Science Center in Miami was officially inaugurated last May. Although during its construction it was already possible to take a guided tour of the new building, we were dying to see it finished. Without a doubt, it seems a brilliant idea and highly recommended for all those who want to enjoy Miami to the fullest, which also places the city at the head of the country’s cultural panorama.

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