tomahawk recipe

Tomahawk recipe: what is it and how to eat brontosaurus steak

The Tomahawk is a giant steak from the front of the beef sirloin. His name and his greatness recall the weapon that the Native Americans used to defend their territories. Its unmistakable taste is a real explosion of taste and aromas. Let’s discover¬†Tomahawk recipe together where to find it and how to taste it best!

Tomahawk recipe: the giant steak

Tomahawk recipe

The Tomahawk steak could appear, to the eyes of the most, as a fashion neglecting the significant flavor that this meat has. For this reason, it is important to know the Ribeye Tomahawk from the long bone.

What is the Tomahawk steak?

The Tomahawk steak also called brontosaurus steak. It is a true gem of the butchery: a “war” trophy for the most hardened carnivores. That makes it their strong piece during barbecues with friends. Its origins are Australian, and in particular, the beef from which it is derived derives from a cross between the Black Angus breed and the rarest Wagyu. Its size makes it, without a doubt, the biggest steak in the world.

Its shape and its 30 centimeters of bone make the Tomahawk remember the ax that the Native Americans threw during the clashes with the settlers. Originally from Australia, much loved in the USA, home of barbecues and barbecues.

Tomahawk recipe

The Tomahawk is known and appreciated in our country. Especially by carnivores lovers of Florentine steak that reminds of its taste. This cut of meat, deriving from the rib of the beef loin. It is often about 5 centimeters and has a weight that varies from 800g up to 1.8 kg. Its strong flavor and its marbled appearance derive from the presence of fat evenly distributed in the muscle fibers. It makes this steak incredibly soft and juicy.

How to cook the Tomahawk steak

Without any doubt, cooking on the grill is the best way to taste the brontosaurus steak. Before being cooked, the Tomahawk must be at room temperature. For this reason, it is necessary to take it out of the fridge an hour before. To make the steak softer and juicier, it is advisable to massage it for a few minutes with olive oil. Baking this gem is easy. First two minutes for each side at high heat so that the juices are not lost, then for another 10 minutes at a lower temperature.

Tomahawk recipe

Despite its size, the Tomahawk is a cut of soft meat and also easy to digest thanks to the uniformly distributed fat. To taste it at best it is preferable to cook medium and not blood. It is a complete tomahawk recipe to make it perfect: after cooking.

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