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The best ideas for a tropical party during this winter

If you have a celebration during this hot winter do not think about it, making a tropical party may be the most idea! The winter is here and the temperatures they are making invite you to spend as much time as possible outdoors. So if you have a celebration do not think about it, tropical style may be the best idea!

Colorful, full of joy and fun, it is perfect for any type of event, from a wedding, to an anniversary, a birthday or just to celebrate today. Let’s see some of the best ideas to inspire you in a tropical party hard to forget.

The best ideas for a tropical party

A vibrant Photocell

tropical party

The parties are not the same without a funny photocell in which to take photos. And in a tropical party they can not miss either. The inspiration is clear: large flowers, deep green, pink and red and everything that reminds us of those tropical paradises with which we have been dreaming all winter.

The photocells are a sure thing so that your party is not boring and so that everyone has an indelible memory in the form of a photo. If you like the second example above, you can see how to do it step by step in this easy YID. And we leave you a couple of other ideas to inspire you and give a lot of play with a photocell full of color. Guaranteed fun!

A bow of balloons

tropical party during this summer

Another idea of ​​decoration for a tropical party that we have loved are the bows of balloons like the ones shown below. A perfect way to decorate any corner of the party: the entrance, the food table, a somewhat bland wall … If you like the idea here you have how to do it . Do not miss it!

Wherever you put it, it will become the center of all eyes. And it is very simple to make. Fill it with tropical colors and adorn it with leaves and flowers to transport us to an island paradise. Hit safe for your party.

Informal tables

If it is an informal party, we will set a table with food and drink. To continue the theme we must decorate the food table in full color and with the typical elements that remind us of the tropics: pineapples, exotic birds, large flowers, huge leaves, cactus ….

Big flowers

discover tropical party

Another essential element that can not be missed in a tropical party is the XXL size flowers that remind us of the exuberant tropical nature. Full of color will serve to decorate walls, tables or any corner of the party. And you can also do them yourself following the instructions you will find here .

Leaves on your table

a tropical party

Another idea that we loved and is very refreshing as well as simple is to use large sheets to decorate our table. They can be natural or artificial leaves or you can create them yourself with paper or cardboard and get a nice table.

If we have space we can also introduce tropical fruits such as pineapples or coconuts to give an even more tropical look to our table. Take out all your imagination for the perfect tropical party!

Get the pineapple juice

Some time ago we talked about all the uses we can give a pineapple to decorate at home . It can be an especially useful element in a tropical style party. We can use it as a vase, to decorate the food table, put it as an appetizer or dessert, …

Or decorate them with glasses and flowers and give a tropical and fun to your party. In addition we can also create some funny hanging pineapples how they explain us here step by step . And the pineapples have a lot of juice …

Drinks table

The juices and cocktails can not miss in a tropical party. We have loved these two ideas to present tables of fun and colorful drinks that keep the tropical theme with a lot of color. Do not hesitate to copy them so that your party is a success.

Another idea for the drinks area can be to set up your own tike-bar in true Hawaiian style. Here you can see how they have built the first example step by step . To decorate it nothing like the typical skirts of strips of Hawaiian costumes and many colorful flowers. Surely it will be one of the favorite areas of the guests.

Emmanuel armchair decorated

We have fallen in love with this idea and we are sure that if you have an Emmanuel armchair decorated in the tropical style at your party, it will be where everyone will want to sit. Or some XL-size wicker chair can also serve. It will also be a great place to take pictures. Or to sit down and have a cocktail and enjoy the success of your party.

How to make a tropical party

a tropical party

Good weather arrives … finally! The time has come to take out the balloons and make a tropical party of those that make history. How? keep reading Spillover, because today you will learn how to make a tropical party and leave your guests with a taste of 100% tasty.

Lights Camera action! We are very insistent with this topic, we know it. But the lighting at your tropical party is very important. With garlands or with a Light Box you can make any space unique, special and full of magic. Who has not dreamed of dancing La Embalm under a well-lit porch?

Dishes with a leaf shape. The dishes with which your guests go to enjoy your best delicacies, should be at the height of your beautiful tropical party. What better than this proposal in the form of monster ?. A delight that will not leave anyone indifferent.

You are a pineapple! Give your guests a special reason to celebrate and show them that you are an authentic pineapple. These tropical dishes in the shape of pineapple are ideal and you can also combine them with the previous ones to achieve a colorful and very tropical effect.

Elegant glasses! Give a distinguished touch to your tropical party with our gold and silver cups . They will make your guests shine with their own light.

Do not forget to give your tropical party a touch of humor. What do you think of these accessories to entertain your guests? Our tropical costume set includes glasses for all tastes to dance the Conga under the stars.

Marching one of monitors! A tropical party without monitors, it’s like a spring without a flower. This set includes everything you need to make your monitors become famous throughout the world. Health!

Beautiful and elegant straws. In Pupil , we have a lot of straws so you can drink your life in little sips, enjoying every moment. These in golden color , will be great at your tropical party. You like them?

Balloons in green tones. Transform any place, in a tropical party, by placing these balloons in green tones.

Confetti!. The confetti, not only serves to throw through the air. You can strategically place it on a table and let these giant golden gophers decorate a privileged corner.

Do not stop the Music!. Today, there are countless platforms to listen to any song in the world in a second. Pure magic of the 21st century. Therefore, it will be very easy to find lists on Spottily, and if what you want is to leave your guests with an incredible taste, you can always give them an unforgettable detail of your tropical party. What do you think of these pencils? Without a doubt, it is a detail for your party to go down in history as the best tropical party in the world.

How to take the tropical party home

best ideas for a tropical party

We are not going to get fussy to analyze what the tropical environment really means or in what countries we are going to be inspired. When thinking about a tropical party we all get the same images to mind, no matter how cliched they may be. Too much influenced by American pop iconography ? Obviously yes, but in the end it is what all the guests expect.

Summer is the best time to imitate those ski parties in the US at home, and it’s almost better to do it now when the return to school threatens around the corner. We can do it in the house on the beach, in the country or in the village, on the terrace or the garden, but also in our apartment in the city. Everything is a matter of coupling.

The good thing about a tropical party is that it does not require a big budget investment, it almost asks us to use disposable tableware and accessories . Better if we have a few plants with very green leaves or artificial equivalents, colorful flowers and many lights and candles to create an environment. Wicker and wood – even if it is false – are welcome, as well as any beach decoration.

Dy lovers have it easy to get carried away by colorful garlands, cardboard fruit decorations or paper flowers . The paper lanterns are almost essential, as well as many touches of fruit everywhere. Finding the balance between fun, elegance and the limit of the tacky is the key.

Finally, after the middle of August, many are already looking at the calendar with suspicion; September is approaching – fortunately – but there is still summer for a while. Whether or not we are on vacation, a party at home to squeeze the days that are hot is always a good idea, and what better theme than the tropical , on these dates?

To talk about a tropical party is to dive into the topical of the genre , of course, and we do it without qualms. Pineapples, flamingos, coconuts, garish colors, fluorescent cocktails, impossible straws and that the Hawaiian touch is not lacking. We can even give it all with the most kitsch air ski accessories . The important thing is to soak up the tropical environment, have fun and save memories for the winter.


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