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Understanding Your Skin Type

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and requires care and attention to keep it in peak condition, healthy and looking great.

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Cleansing and moisturising should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Protection from harmful UV rays is also important to prevent wrinkles and protect against sun damage.

For glowing, healthy skin, it’s important to know your skin type category. Discovering which category your skin falls into will help you understand your skin type and how to give it the proper care it requires. There are four types of skin: dry, oily, normal and combination.

Normal Skin

Most people have normal skin, which means they have small pores, an even tone and well-balanced moisture. Sunscreen is important to protect normal skin from the damage caused by UV rays.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is caused by a build-up of sebum which progresses throughout the day. It’s generally an inherited trait, or it can be triggered during puberty when the oil glands are super-active.

Dry Skin

Dry skin suffers from lack of moisture, is easily irritated and in extreme conditions can result in eczema. Gentle cleansing and plenty or moisturising are essential for dry skin.

Combination Skin

Combination skin is defined by an oily T-zone area and dry cheek areas. Both areas require special care to balance the skin tone. Oil-free sunscreens are ideal for this skin type.

Make-Up and Beauty Products to Suit Your Skin Type

To help understand your individual skin type, it’s recommended that you visit a dermatologist or beauty consultant, who can recommend the best things for your needs from suitable cleansers to make-up and other beauty products on the market.

Getting your make-up right will enhance the tone and appearance of your skin. Applying make-up has never been easier. There is a large range of specifically designed make-up brushes available to suit your individual skin type, such as the Desire Duo Collection make up brushes from One of the main brands that offers these brushes is Benefit makeup.  To achieve a flawless finish, your brush is the tool needed to create a work of art.

Keep Glowing

Your skin can be one of your best features with the right care and attention. For glowing skin to be proud of, get your type right and treat it accordingly. Drink plenty of water and don’t forget the sunscreen no matter what your skin type.

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