The Most Unusual Museums In The World

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

All the museums of the world cannot be counted; We chose only the most unusual museums. Read about the Museum of Lies, the Museum of Torture, the Butterfly Museum and others in this article!

Picturesque canvases and sculptures of ancient masters are classic exhibits of standard museums. But there are places in the world where you can admire absolutely non-artistic and even strange objects and works of art. And often trips to such galleries are more exciting than regular tours of the Louvre, the Hermitage and the Prado.

On May 18, in many countries, the International Museum Day is celebrated annually, and on the eve of this holiday,

We offer you a “sightseeing tour” of the most unusual museums in the world.

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Museum of the 60s in Russia, in Moscow

If you are interested in the colorful hippie era and the Moscow life of the mid-20th century, then you are waiting for you in the Museum of the 60s. There you can admire the objects of everyday life of those years – old telephones and typewriters, records and music players, lighting devices, magazines, and newspapers. Everything can be touched, each thing has its own interesting story.

In addition, the museum regularly hosts literary evenings, film screenings, filmstrip shows, concerts, which perform the musical hits of the Soviet 60s and those melodies that were played by the flower children, hippies. In general, not only stands and stories of guides are devoted to the culture of the “hippie” movement. The museum hosts master classes on the technique of “Tai-Dai” – painting on the fabric, with the help of which a picture called “Pacific” is created.

In addition, in this museum, you will be offered to play chess and checkers, drink tea or coffee and share your thoughts about the past and the future. True, before you come here, it is better to call and arrange a visit. Now the museum is preparing for the move and works only on preliminary requests.

Address: Russia, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky Street, Building 8, Building 2. For more information, please visit the museum’s website.

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Butterfly Museum in Russia, in St. Petersburg

The Mindo Museum of Living Butterflies opened in St. Petersburg. It is interesting because in it 30 species of tropical butterflies flit gracefully, therefore this place is also called a garden. It recreates the microclimate of the real tropics – with their humid air, exotic plants and flowers.

The pupae of butterflies are brought from distant countries, and these beautiful insects are born in North Palmyra, even in cold winter, and this can be considered a true miracle. For example, in early March of this year, 200 beauties of the “Blue Morpho” type were born. This is a special kind of butterflies – the size of their wings reaches 14 centimeters, and according to belief, they also fulfill wishes.

In addition, in the museum in special incubators there are constantly cocoons of other butterflies, so every visitor has a chance to see the moment of birth of these incredible creatures.

There is also a souvenir shop at the museum, where you can buy live butterflies, wing panels and other items related to these insects.

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Pravdy Street, Building 12. Information on excursions can be obtained by phone, published on the museum’s website.

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Torture Museum in the Czech Republic

If you like horror movies, then you should definitely visit the Torture Museum in Cesky Krumlov – the castle town in the south of the Czech Republic. This remarkable museum contains truly scary exhibits – instruments of inquisitorial torture. Hoses, chains, chairs, studded with spikes, collars, in general, all those means of “medieval inquiry”, after the use of which even the most respectable citizens admitted to complicity with the devil.

Dark rooms, frightening devices, wax figures of victims and executioners – all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of fear and pain. In one of the halls, a fire was arranged, on which the witch was quite reliably “burned”, in the other – they demonstrated execution by cutting off the head. And all this is complemented by appropriate special effects and engravings on the theme of inquisitorial atrocities.

The address of the museum: the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov, Place de la Concorde, 1 (basement of the old town hall).

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Museum of Devils in Lithuania

In Kaunas, in Lithuania there is an unusual museum dedicated to various evil spirits – devils and devils of all stripes coexist here with witches and evil spirits. “Born” he is from the collection of the artist Antanas Zhmuidzinavicius, who collected exhibits for over 60 years.

At first, the owner of this strange collection collected only devils – he wanted his damn dozen to be at his house, as he considered the number 13 happy. But then he got so carried away that he began to collect everything related to the evil spirits, and at some point, the collection ceased to be placed in his home. However, everyone who was familiar with the artist continued to give him all sorts of representatives of the other world. As a result, the Museum of Devils appeared in 1966.

A great contribution to the exhibition was made by the collector Gediminas Jurenas, whose collecting of devils also grew into a real passion. So now the museum has more than 3,000 exhibits from around the world. There are both characters of literary works, and “national” evil of different countries, and samples of applied art and fantasy of Lithuanian woodcarvers.

In addition, the Museum of Devils regularly hosts thematic exhibitions of contemporary artists. Naturally, on their canvases also depicted all sorts of monsters, demons, sorcerers and other irreality. There is a good tradition in the museum – visitors can leave their little devil there, making it another exhibit.

Address: Lithuania, Kaunas city, Putvinskyo street, building 64.

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Sex Museum in the USA

Americans are considered even greater puritans than prudent British. Nevertheless, in New York, there is a very extravagant museum dedicated to the development of sexual culture in America. There are exhibited all kinds of erotic sculptures, installations, and paintings, created both in ancient times and in our days. In addition, seminars on sexuality are held in this place, books on this subject and various sex toys are sold.

In the museum, you can see erotic films and theatrical performances, listen to lectures by sexologists, and examine artifacts. However, entry is restricted – persons under 18 years of age are not allowed on the exposition.

Address: USA, New York, corner of 5th Avenue and 27th Street.

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Sausage Museum in Germany

Residents of Germany love sausages in all forms, so it would be strange if in the capital of this state did not appear a museum dedicated to this, in general, quite democratic product, or more simply – fast food.

The museum offers huge sausages in the form of sofas, synthetic slices of french fries per person, music columns “ketchup bottles” and an interactive map showing the sausage “expansion”. You will see there a panel showing how many sausages are eaten by museum visitors since its opening.

In this unusual place they will tell you how the famous curry sausage appeared, from where potatoes fried in oil came to Germany, and also carried away with the game “Feed the sausage”. In addition, you will arrange a full-fledged tasting of various sauces, which are served to boiled or grilled sausages.

The museum has a cabinet with spices, which are seasoned with sauces, served with these sausages. In addition, a huge number of sausage-style souvenirs are sold there – charms, t-shirts, caps, and umbrellas with the image of a smiling sausage.

If you are a fan of this kind of fast food, then we’ll tell you the address of the Sausage Museum: Berlin, Schutzenstrasse, 70.

The Most Unusual Museums In The World

Museum of Lies in Germany

Another original museum in Germany is the place where you are sure to be deceived. Yes, and take money for it, because the entrance here is not free. However, the exhibits are worth it – the ear cut off by Van Gogh in a fit of madness, Hitler’s false mustache, the mop of Stalin’s father, the personal belongings of the passengers of the notorious Titanic and the radio, from the dynamics of which there are calls for help. There are also “acting” magic items – a witch’s broom and a flying carpet.

Naturally, all that is exhibited in the museum is fake, and the guides do not hide it but motivate the lack of originals by the fact that the line between truth and lie is too thin to attach any importance to this.

Address: Küritz, Germany, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Str. 27.


Of course, there are many more unusual museums in the world. Most likely, there is something similar in your city too, so before you start traveling to distant countries, explore the places where you live.

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