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Watch Out for These Office Trends

Office design is big business; in this article we take a look at what’s on trend for 2019.

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All Change

Our workplaces are constantly evolving; you’d be hard-pressed to recall what they used to be like just a few short years ago, but it’s pretty safe to say that they are unrecognisable. Many office fit out companies work hard to ensure that our work spaces are positive places for both employees and visitors alike.

The Third Space

Dead spaces or areas in offices – otherwise known as the third space – were a real focus in 2018, and it looks as though the trend will continue in 2019.

Design-led office fit out companies are more and more focused on employees rather than traditional office design; this is because workspaces have evolved to not just be about desks and chairs but a place where employees are happy and productive and feel valued.

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All About the Experience

How employees interact with the space they are in is key today. Their wants and their needs are now of paramount importance in the workplace; this can translate into added extras, including yoga studios, massage rooms and areas for games and for playing music. All of these can have a positive impact on any workplace experience.

The Old and the New

2019 is likely to see this trend continue. Bringing old buildings to life keeps the fabric of a building – such as warehouses – and combines it with modern decoration and stylish furniture and accessories. Balancing the new with the old is much like using elements from both the future and the past and can make for an interesting workplace.

On the Up

2019 is proving to be the year when there is an increased interest in providing quiet spaces for concentrated and focused work. The open-plan office space we have all become used to may have its benefits, but for some it is simply too noisy and distracting. On the back of this, many companies are introducing individual pods or library-like spaces.

Bringing the outdoors in

Another big office trend for this year is greening up workplaces by bringing the outdoors in, with companies including shrubs, plants, moss and even living walls into their office designs. These have many health benefits for employees.

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