Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room
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Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

A living room or a hall is a place where the whole family, friends, relatives, and relatives gather during holidays or other important moments. Here are arranged family councils, joint screenings of films, and cultural and entertainment programs are held. Therefore, the situation in the main room of the house should be appropriate. Many housewives try to decorate the living room as beautifully as possible, paying particular attention to the choice of suspensions for tulle. Window decoration plays an important role in the overall style of the room. How beautiful to hang tulle in the hall to surprise guests and to please home?

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

Telescopic cornice

If the tulle in the living room is hung incorrectly, the eaves are illiterately chosen, then even the most beautiful design of the curtains will not save the situation. We used to see the telescopic cornice mainly in the bathroom, but in some cases, it will look beautiful in the hall. This product has several advantages:

  • The ability to mount the eaves in the opening of a non-standard size. After all, it is not always possible to choose the finished product of the required dimensions, and making a cornice to order will cost a lot.
  • Easy installation. If the installation of a classic cornice requires certain skills and a whole set of tools, then any hostess can cope with the installation of a telescopic product.
  • No need to drill the walls and spoil the repair. Eaves work on the principle of spacers and does not require any manipulation of the wall. After dismantling the product, no traces remain on the surface.
  • Large selection of colors. You can pick up the product to match the overall style of the room, and you can choose a universal steel version.

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

Telescopic curtain rods are made of plastic or metal. The second option is considered more reliable, and it costs not much more plastic. This type of product does not have to be installed in the window opening from above – it can be in the middle. This method will be especially relevant for narrow windows in the hall.

Baguette models

Frame moldings look very presentable and stylish. If you hang tulle in the hall for such an installation, the room immediately becomes more presentable. Framing products can be made of natural wood, plastic, metal, plaster. The main advantages of baguette cornices:

  • Ability to close the defect walls near the window opening.
  • The eaves hide all hooks and guides on which the tulle is hung.
  • If during the tailoring of the tulle minor mistakes were made, they can be successfully disguised as baguettes.
  • Some style solutions in the room are perfectly complemented by this element of the interior.
  • This type of cornice can be easily shortened to the desired size or lengthened.

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room


Today, the market has a large selection of solutions for baguette cornices, so it will be easy to choose the necessary modification. This type of product adds even more solemnity and beauty to the living room.

Ceiling option

Eaves, which are attached directly to the ceiling, make it possible to successfully decorate the window opening and at the same time fix a whole set of room flaws. This version of the product should be used if the ceiling in the hall is low – with the help of a ceiling cornice, you can visually expand the space. If the windows are very high and closely adjacent to the ceiling, then this type of cornice will be the best option.

Unreliable and flimsy drywall walls cannot withstand the classic version of the product, especially if heavy tulle or curtains are chosen as the decor. In this case, the ceiling cornice will be a real salvation.

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

Product Benefits:

  1. There is an opportunity not only to hang up tulle but also to create a multilayered decor from several types of fabric, thereby adorning the room as much as possible.
  2. Tulle and curtains, in this case, are very tight to the wall, which in cold weather can serve as additional insulation. This is especially true when blowing from the window.
  3. If the walls and ceiling are slightly crooked, the ceiling cornice can be easily adapted to these circumstances.

If the window is equipped with long window sills, and the hostess wants to hang a long tulle, then you should pay attention to this type of cornices.

Rod products

This is the easiest type of cornice, which was previously used everywhere. Suspensions are usually made of metal, plastic or wood. These cornices can withstand not only tulle of any format but also heavy curtains. The product consists of a bar and brackets that are attached to the wall. Rod hangers fit into a room decorated in almost any style. But the design has one major drawback: the bars are available in standard size – from 2 to 2.5 meters. If the window opening has other sizes, then it is necessary to select the eaves of a different format.

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

Eaves of profile type

Products are usually made of aluminum. Tulle is hung on them with special hooks. Eaves fasten on walls on arms. The main advantages of products:

  • high strength and low weight design;
  • There are two types of products: wall and ceiling;
  • the ability to choose a standard option, and more decorative;
  • due to the ease of installation using a profile cornice, you can not only decorate the window but divide the room into zones.

Aluminum has a high corrosion resistance, which is very important in rooms with high humidity.

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

How beautiful to hang tulle in the hall, not using the eaves

In order for the window in the hall to get an attractive look, it is not necessary to use a cornice for hang tulle. Today, designers are struggling with stereotypes, offering their customers non-standard options. For example, in a beautiful, pre-varnished branch. Such a decision would be particularly appropriate in living rooms, decorated in eco-style.

You can also hang tulle with hooks alone. Of course, it is necessary to work a little to arrange such an option beautifully. Some decorators use sticky tape to secure the tulle. This method is not suitable for heavier textiles – curtains or curtains.

Ways To Hang Tulle In The Living Room

If you want to make your room as comfortable and beautiful as possible, then be very careful when choosing a suspension for tulle. In this case, you should focus on the size of the window opening, its features, the height of ceilings and other nuances. You should not limit your imagination, preferring the classic versions of suspensions, because today creativity and originality are in fashion.

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