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What Are the Benefits of Adding Shelving to Your Home?

Shelving is often added to rooms as an afterthought, with little attention paid to how it can enhance a space and be a pleasing design element. While it is predominantly used for storage, shelving can also be used to create interesting displays and to help you organise collections. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding shelving to your home.

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Make Use of Neglected Spaces

Alcoves and unused corners can be brought to life with the addition of simple shelving. Dark spaces can be instantly lifted by placing a lamp on a shelf, and alcoves can be brought to life with a couple of framed pictures or houseplants. Even the darkest corners will make a suitable home for plants that don’t require much sunlight, so it’s easy to add interest to any room with very little effort or money.

Organise Collections

Whether your passion is for vintage cookbooks or handmade pottery, shelving is a great way to display your collection. Collectibles look best when organised in small groups, and shelving is the perfect way to keep items safe from children, pets or accidental knocks from passing family members. Elle Decor suggests grouping collectibles with other everyday items for an attractive and interesting finish.

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Add Extra Storage

You might not think of keeping clothes or accessories on a shelf, but with the addition of some attractive baskets or shoe-box-style boxes, you can create an extension of your wardrobe. Scarves, gloves and socks are easily arranged into tidy boxes on a shelf, but even larger items of clothing such as tops or jeans can be neatly folded and stored in boxes that are just as accessible as a chest of drawers. Bespoke shelving services – such as those provided by, who provide residential shelving Ireland solutions – can help you make the most of any space.

Use Low-Level Shelving as Workspace

A wide shelf fitted at table height creates the perfect surface for working. If you have limited space for a desk, building a shelf into an alcove or corner is a great idea. Or how about adding extra kitchen space? If you have space, a shelf at waist height can provide an affordable and flexible space for preparing or storing food and drinks.

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