What are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

What are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

What are the most dangerous drugs in the world? The drugs have a difficult subject to talk about and that triggers controversy. Starting from some prohibitionist policies up to the alarming diffusion of these substances in every area of today’s society. For these reasons, it is essential to define what drugs are and how they are experienced by the people who consume them. Every person prefers a different kind of drug. Sometimes, preferences may depend on the sex of the person, as evidenced by a study by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

It is important to remember that a drug is any narcotic substance, whether of natural origin, synthetic or mixed. This substance directly or indirectly influences the perception, assimilation and biological, chemical and neurological interaction of the individual who is under its effects.

The most dangerous drugs in the world

1. TobaccoWhat are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

It is worth dwelling on this subject for a moment. Although the consumption, manufacture, and distribution of this drug are widely recognized, it is important to understand that it does not cease to be a narcotic. Indeed, to be precise, tobacco is among the drugs classified as legal. Without a doubt, the relationship between different types of cancer and smoking has been proven. Therefore, you must know that this natural drug is the raw material of a polemical and millionaire industry: that of cigarettes. In addition to tobacco, cigarettes also contain a set of chemicals that are highly toxic and harmful to health. It is one of the most dangerous drugs.

Pathologies derived from smoking

-Lung cancer.

-Chronic pneumonia.

-Pulmonary emphysema.

-Diseases of the bronchi.

-Deterioration of the respiratory tract (mouth, tongue, larynx, throat, esophagus, etc.)

2. MethamphetamineWhat are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

You have probably seen the famous series in which a talented chemist, and his faithful helper, are the protagonists and pioneers of the manufacture of an exceptional methamphetamine. But do you know what it really is? Methamphetamines are highly addictive and are very popular drugs in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In general, they are known for their appearance similar to a crystal, although they also exist in powder or pills. The use of methamphetamine causes a violent impact on the body’s neurochemical system, creating an immediate dependency. It is one of the most dangerous drugs.

Consequences of the use of this drug


-Increase and development of paranoid episodes.

-Significant increase in serious infections when administered with shared syringes (common habit in regular consumers).

-Hallucinations (of moderate or intense intensity depending on the amount administered).

3. AlcoholWhat are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

Alcohol is another drug that is socially accepted and treated as “normal” or even “healthy” in many countries. However, the effects of alcohol consumption are very dangerous for our health. L ‘ alcoholism is the consequence most well-known of constant consumption and continued this ethyl compound. It is a real social, family and medical scourge. The health effects of alcohol abuse can, in fact, be traumatic and irreparable.  It is one of the most dangerous drugs.

Pathologies deriving from excessive consumption of alcohol


-Hepatitis A and B.

-Acute chronic gastritis (with varicose ulcers).

-Sometimes, depending on the health conditions of the person, there have been cases of scurvy due to the consumption of alcohol.

4. CocaineWhat are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

Regarding the consumption of drugs, cocaine is certainly the one that holds the record. Various South American countries are sadly known for the manufacture and export of this product derived from the alkaloid of the coca leaf. This drug is particularly popular in the north of the continent, in Mexico and the United States. Cocaine is sold in powder, pills or liquid. Find out what the effects and consequences of the use of this dangerous drug on the body are.

What happens to the body that consumes cocaine?

-In hypersensitive individuals, the senses are refined.

-Increased heart rhythm and blood pressure.

-Agitated movements and hyperexcitation.

-Increased levels of stress and sudden paranoia.

-Release of excessive amounts of dopamine as a response to the chemical stimulus of cocaine.

5. HeroinWhat are the most dangerous drugs in the world?

Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Known for its powerful sedative effect, it has caused many deaths due to overdoses. Remember: there is no safe dose for the use of this couple! The most common crops are found in Asia, particularly in Afghanistan, which has the highest levels of poppy leaves to harvest, the raw material of this drug. Think that in China and Taiwan, the consumption of derivatives of this drug is very common on several occasions. Regarding the impact on the body, heroin intake results in serious consequences and in many cases fatal. This is due to the high index of addiction and toxicity of this narcotic. It is one of the most dangerous drugs.

What happens to the body after taking heroin?

-Dilatation of pupils.

-Sudden decrease in breathing and heart rhythm due to ecstasy.

-Almost instantaneous catatonic state.

-Sphincter expansion.

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