What Are The Potential Causes Of Toothaches?

No one likes getting a toothache and you can mostly avoid this painful little inconveniences of life by maintaining good dental health. But there are some instances where discomfort can be come about due to certain potential causes that might be far beyond your control.

That’s okay, a toothache doesn’t always mean you’ve been neglecting your oral hygiene, although you can pretty much guarantee you’ll experience some form of tooth pain if you have shown little dedication for brushing and flossing.

Most of the time, a cavity is to blame but that isn’t always the main reason for a toothache. Here are some of the things that can cause you to feel that unwelcome agony in your mouth:

Sensitive Teeth

You might feel a level of discomfort when you consume food and drink that is very hot or ice cold. While a little bit of temperature adjustment is normal as your teeth acclimate to either when you are eating or drinking, a sharp painful sensation is not.

The truth is, a sensitive tooth or teeth could be from a result of a number of things. It might be a cavity developing or you could be experiencing this discomfort as a result of thinning tooth enamel or receding gums. In either case, you should see a dentist as soon as possible and change your toothpaste to a variety that is designed for helping the symptoms of sensitivity.

Sharp Consistent Pain

If you are feeling significantly worse discomfort or pain when you bite or chew, you could have a cavity or a cracked tooth. But if that pain continues to throb well after you’ve finished eating, you may be dealing with abscessed tooth or infected tooth, in which case you need to see your dentist immediately.

Non-tooth related Issues

Sometimes another issue can manifest itself as a toothache, in which case you need to diagnose the problem so you can mute that incessant pain. Surrounding areas in your head and face could cause your teeth to hurt in some manner, the trick is figuring out what it is.

Some sinus problems can be the cause of your teeth aching. This is usually a sign that you have a sinus infection and you may need medications to help clear it up and eliminate your tooth pain.

Another potential cause could be in your jaw. Sufferers of temporomandibular disorders or tooth grinding, also called bruxism, have reported toothaches despite their teeth being perfectly healthy. Some other possible issues could be arthritis or even cancer of the jaw.

Seeing a Professional

No matter what the issue might be, make an appointment with Russo Dentistry to have your teeth checked and the problem diagnosed for fast relief. Some tooth problems only require one visit to the dentist chair and, before you know it, you’ll be feeling a whole lot better.

Don’t live tooth pain and discomfort and if you are, don’t wait until it’s absolutely unbearable. The longer you wait to fix a toothache, the more complex the treatments can become.

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