blush choose according to the color of your skin

What blush choose according to the color of your skin

In the market cosmetics, we will find different types of blusher also come in different forms, from powder, gel, foam or mousse.

The best known of all is the rouge powder, is ideal for people with mixed or oily skin, it is not very good for those with dry skin. The application is by brush, is simple and you can give a nice color to your face, both summer and winter. The cream blush is ideal for women with dry skin, The downside is that it brings much brightness.

At present, the tones of blush are many besides that everyone has the ability to cause a different effect on your face. The shades of pink blush will give you a more youthful and romantic touch. The color red will give a subtle blush if used lightly, but be careful not to overdo it’ll look very appealing.

If you have a tanned look any better to opt for a terracotta tone. The coral tone will give you a look very radiant and full of life. The fuchsia is very fashionable but must be used carefully and only slightly to highlight the cheeks.

One of the key points when choosing a blush is the tone of your skin. If your skin is more blanquita is better to use peach tones, pink, or lilac. If you have sallow skin fruity tones still look perfect. If your skin is brown and earth tones should choose brown, redheads should choose between beige and orange tones.

The first thing to know is exactly the tone of your skin, plus the type of skin you have so you can buy a product that makes you look natural, makeup, pretty, but without exaggeration.

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