What does hair loss during pregnancy depend on?
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What does hair loss during pregnancy depend on?

What does hair loss during pregnancy depend on? Some women during pregnancy, but many after giving birth and breastfeeding see their hair weaken until they fall. A phenomenon capable of throwing into despair the woman, who often does not give a reason for this hair loss in pregnancy, in some cases truly remarkable. However, do not be too alarmed, but have the patience to find an inner balance. Both psychic and physical, to see your hair grow again. In fact, the factors that determine hair loss are different: let’s see what are the main causes and how we can limit this phenomenon.

The main causes of hair loss during pregnancyWhat does hair loss during pregnancy depend on?

The hair loss in pregnancy is caused by several factors:

Hormonal factor: hair is strongly linked to hormonal balance. With pregnancy, the hair usually due to the increase in estrogen is beautiful and luxuriant. But if there is an excessive increase in progesterone the hair breaks easily. After giving birth with breastfeeding the body undergoes continuous hormonal changes. And in particular a sharp drop in estrogen which can cause dryness in the scalp. The drop in estrogen causes the hair to become more brittle and to break. And is also typical of menopause when estrogen decreases hair falls out.

Blood factor: iron deficiency, a condition that characterizes many women during pregnancy. And worsens with childbirth, weakening the hair.What does hair loss during pregnancy depend on?

Emotional factor: stress, fed by the new burden of responsibility that the future mother feels on herself, weakens the body. And consequently, also the hair that is damaged. Stress is bound to increase when the new mother has less time to rest.

Nutritional factor: the deficiency of proteins, vitamins. And minerals, exacerbated by the general sense of tiredness, is certainly the most important factor in hair loss

Why treat hair loss during pregnancy?What does hair loss during pregnancy depend on?

Let’s start with a reassuring statement: fallen hair will be reborn stronger. Therefore that of hair loss in pregnancy is a collateral factor. A temporary situation destined to be resolved. Certainly, however, there are some tricks. And lifestyles that women can adapt to limit the problem, which can have repercussions, even serious ones because they can go far beyond the mere aesthetic factor. In fact, it is right to remember that women, especially in the postpartum period, are weaker when tested both physically. And emotionally. So seeing one’s own hair fall can cause the woman a little shock: suddenly she sees herself an ugly and no longer master of her body. This is psychologically fragile women can accelerate episodes of depression.

What to do to limit hair loss during pregnancy?What does hair loss during pregnancy depend on?

When faced with a hair loss during pregnancy it is good to talk about it immediately with your doctor who can prescribe blood tests to understand the hormonal balance and proper functioning of the thyroid.

Other precautions that the woman can adopt are the following:

Meditation and relaxation practices: in order to limit stress, the woman should devote at least an hour a day to herself, adopting relaxation practices that help her also at a muscular level to release the accumulated tensions. To encourage the removal of thoughts that damage psychic balance. You can choose relaxing music, also indicated for the fetus, and aromatherapy.

Balanced diet: to avoid hair becoming brittle, it is best to choose a diet rich in proteins, vitamins. And antioxidants. In cases of anemia during pregnancy, foods rich in iron are also indicated. In the case of breastfeeding, it is recommended to prefer a Mediterranean diet. For example, choosing between foods that can help the health of hair include cereals, almonds, millet, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruit.

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