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What Member Managers Need to Know About Event Data

Event Data Can Easily Be Simplified with Processes

Almost nine out of ten associations see events as an important part of their membership growth strategy. Events are important when it comes to the various services an association offers its members. They provide networking opportunities, and they’re an ideal way of recruiting new members.

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There’s so much to manage with marketing events, conferences and networking opportunities. Thankfully, today’s event management processes assist with the steps involved in the journey.

However, a total of 88 per cent are trying to find their way through the maze of data. Eighty senior planners from both the UK and the US were involved in giving their opinions in the study organised by Eventsforce.

Associations have to be selective in understanding what data they require from their events, how this will be used and how it will add value to the organisation. Effective data management is key to an association’s success and its membership acquisition and growth.

Technology plays a key part in data management. The data collected is of great value to the membership organisation. It informs them how they’re engaging with events and it reveals an important insight into business.

GDPR Has Led to Database Clean-ups

With GDPR in place, associations are finding that data management and security is more of a priority after the EU rule was implemented this year. Almost 90 per cent of those polled plan to implement measures like cleaning up databases and pouring cash into new tools which will ensure better data management systems are in place.

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Interestingly, 83% of associations view registration systems as the best way of collating information from events and guests, followed by online surveys. Other measurement methods given the seal of approval included check-ins, web analytics and social media.

According to TG Daily, membership management software can boost the efficiency of your business. is an example of a UK-based association management company with a solid membership management system.

A total of 88 per cent of associations still have issues in relation to their event data, according to the survey. More than half stated that their data was hard to control as so many systems had been used. A third of participants in the survey said much of their data was placed in spreadsheets, which presented security issues.


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