know about the Orange Peel

What to know about the Orange Peel

The skin orange is subcutaneous fat that has accumulated between the fibers protruding connective tissue, Thus forming a network node, a quilted appearance that resembles the orange peelAnd this may be due to genetic causes, hormonal or age and usually accumulates in the area of the hips, Buttocks, and thighs.

It may also be due to unhealthy habits, like poor nutrition, tight clothing, poor posture, and stress, among others.

It is very important to practice exercise especially walk at least half an hour a day, as it will help keep your legs smooth and firm and reduce cellulite if it exists, the aerobics, as cycling, steep or tape andandora, help you stay healthy and avoid skin of an orange. Keep readingĀ

It is important to hydrate during exercise and especially to drink at least two liters of water daily that will help eliminate toxins and keep skin in good condition while avoiding constipation and helps maintain a good intestinal transit.

It is important to a balanced diet rich in fiber and abundant fruits and vegetables, Which are important grains. Should be eliminated from the diet of processed foods, refined and cooked, and fat, Fried and junk food. It will be essential not to smoke, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and sleep at least eight hours a day.

Are important Additional taenicide, Such as massage, hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, which activate the circulation and avoid the dreaded cellulite mobilize fat and help to dissolve; also be adequate cellulite creams, applied day and night, activate blood circulation for its cooling effect.

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