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What your wedding venue says about you

There are seemingly endless decisions to make when planning a wedding. To bring all the elements together to make your day extra special takes some doing. Not only is it a day of celebration but is often the one chance to truly show off your unique personalities, creativity and express yourselves as you see fit. The styling, theme and colours all give others an insight into who you are, and so does the choice of venue. Here are what different types of venue say about your personality:

A Country Club

Couples who opt for the luxury of a country club are clearly showing they know exactly what they want. An elegant venue with the very best cuisine, offering a tasteful wedding celebration that shows everyone that you appreciate the finer things in laugh and a little refinement. Fine hotels also fall into this category. For a Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue, visit Hatton Court, Gloucester’s premier Wedding Venue.

The Rustic Barn

Having your celebrations in a barn is often a sign that you’ve grown up in a rural setting or love spending your time out in the countryside away from the bustle of the city. Rustic barns are great for a wide variety of decorating options, transforming a plain barn into almost theme you desire.

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Outdoor Weddings

Nature lovers often choose to hold their celebrations in an outdoor setting. There are endless possibilities for an outdoor wedding, from meadows and waterfalls to forests and stunning natural features. Themes range from rustic to romantic and many couples make the most of nature’s offerings with wild flower decorations. This type of venue reflects a free spirit and someone who loves nature and even vintage style.

A Beach Setting

Relaxed, laid back couples often choose beach weddings and they can be as formal or informal as you make them. Often the guest list is smaller and easy-going couples choose to exchange their vows and celebrate barefoot in the sand.

Garden Venues

Traditional, family-oriented couples choose a back-garden wedding of a family home and this demonstrates that family and roots matter to you above all else. This is the type of venue that allows for absolute creativity and crafty couples will enjoy the freedom they have in theme and decoration choice.

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A Ballroom

For ultimate glitz and glamour, a hotel ballroom is a stylish choice. Similar to choosing a country club, it shows your guests that you love the finer things, intend to pamper yourself and enjoy spoiling your family and friends too.

A Fairy-tale Castle

This is a venue that tells people you are no ordinary bride and groom. A castle location will surprise and delight your guests and make for amazing photographs. Couples who invest in this level of venue will undoubtedly have stunning designer outfits to match the importance of the occasion, demonstrating supreme sophistication and individuality.


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