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What’s the link between St. Patrick’s Day and the consumption of alcohol?

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding St. Patrick’s Day and its association with excessive drinking. Contrary to beliefs this isn’t just taking advantage of a celebration, the long celebrated holiday actually has a valid reason for it.

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Tradition or not?

Tradition saw this day beginning as a feast day held in the honour of St. Patrick on the anniversary of his death, March 17th. Many Catholics who take part in Lent are allowed on this day to take respite and eat and drink as they please to celebrate the life of a Christian missionary who helped to create a better culture for the Irish and a new way of life. It may be that some do take advantage of this but those who are celebrating their heritage take it very seriously and this day sees many people coming together, uniting as one group all grateful to the legend that is St. Patrick.

It has also been reported that folklore suggests the saint himself liked a drink. A narrative associated with him mentions him entering a public house and ordering his drink. He lets the publican know that he has committed the worst sin of mismeasure which was that his drink was not as full as it should have been.

The feast has evolved into much larger celebrations over the years which now include Irish culture, traditions and history and according to, Guinness is a favourite drink on St. Patrick’s Day and has been enjoyed every year on this day since 1759. Drowning the shamrock in St. Patrick’s pot is a game played where a shamrock is placed into a drink and is a very traditional way of celebrating.

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Is it tradition to give gifts?

St Patricks Day gifts are often given to further the festivities and much is available to choose from, although it is not part of tradition; for inspiration take a look here stock a large range of St Patricks Day gifts. If you like to give gifts you’ll find no shortage of them.

Much has changed since the first celebrations and parades but what hasn’t is the main reason for this celebratory holiday and this is to remember a saint who played a huge part in converting a country to Christianity and changed their society for the better.

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