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When a Panda saved the whole of China

If you haven’t heard of the film Kung Fu Panda you really need to start searching for it or see if someone else you know has a copy that you can borrow. It really is an incredible film to watch and is a great way to introduce young children into the world of Kung Fu. The characters are incredibly likeable and show the different aspects of Kung Fu and the ancient art through their personalities and training. The film as hailed a great success and was the culmination of four years’ worth of work. To make sure that the characters were drawn and moved like true Kung Fu heroes the animation staff took a six-hour class in the martial art in order to understand how the body moves during these kinds of artistic movements. The characters were all created to represent some of the key Kung Fu moves.

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Here are some of the key characters from the film

Po, is the Panda adopted son of Mr Ping a noodle maker. Mr Ping works long hours cooking over one of his many

Commercial Combination Ovens, if you are looking for something similar you can take a look at . Po is supposed to follow his father into the noodle business but he is obsessed with the idea of becoming a Kung Fu master and he closely follows the trainees of Master Shifu. Po eventually lives his dream and portrays the Kung Fu style of the Bear.

Tigress is one of the first members of the Furious Five and she diligently trains and follows the guidance of Master Shifu. Her dream is to become the chosen Dragon Warrior. She is seen as the natural leader of the group and displays the Black Tiger art of Kung Fu.

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Viper is the kind hearted but quietly dangerous girl of the group. She is not the same as the rest of her species and uses her position as one of the Furious Five to be able to prove she is so much more than she seems. Viper is the one from the group that instantly feels sorry for Po and shows him genuine compassion.

Monkey is the member of the group who brings a little humour along to everything. He also sees that Po is determined to become a true Kung Fu warrior and does what he can to encourage him to stay in the group and to practice his art. He carries around a staff which he utilises in his Monkey Kung fu fighting style and is an example of traditional fighting props used for many years.

The other two members of the Furious Five are Mantis and Crane (again other fighting styles of the Kung Fu martial art form).

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