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Why even the smallest business requires a website

If you have more customers than you can cope with, have no plans for expansion and have more than enough money, then you probably don’t need a website. For the rest of us a web presence is an absolute necessity. When it comes to planning your website it is important that you have a clear idea of what your company branding looks like and this includes things like your company logo and colours but also the tone of voice that you use in your written communication. A Gloucestershire Branding Agency such as can help you figure these keye elements out

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Don’t be invisible

A recent article posted by Inc cites the 2013 statistics uncovered by Google research showing that 55% of businesses surveyed had no web presence. According to one American commentator, you might as well be a ghost if you don’t have a website ‒ opportunities will simply pass through you.

Small businesses that decide to ignore the online world tend to be local concerns, with the managers and owners believing that word of mouth is sufficient to bring in the required number of customers. Whilst this may be true to a certain extent, these managers are failing to understand that the internet has changed the way in which we research our purchases and services.

Thanks in part to the rise of social media platforms, we have become far more savvy about connecting with each other online. This has carried over into our business affairs and consumers love to interact with brands, as witnessed by the growth in review sites. Nowadays we are all critics and we expect to find out more about the companies we deal with, even when they are locally based.

Even local concerns need a web presence

The Guardian’s Small Business Network recognises that building online relationships with visitors can foster brand loyalty and encourage local people to engage with your company.

It is relatively simple to put together a basic website yourself, but for real results it is best to use professional web designers who know exactly how to create the perfect website for your needs. Smaller design companies outside London tend to offer the most competitive rates; therefore, wherever you are looking for support, you are guaranteed to find a company that will create the perfect site. Some designers will even build you a CMS (content management system) to enable you to update your content without incurring further charges.

Don’t lose out on opportunities due to a lack of foresight. Build a website and keep the customers coming back for more.

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