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Why is there a ‘pink tax’ in place?

Many personal care items targeted at women carry a higher price tag than those aimed at men. This price difference is generally due to what is referred to as a gap due to gender, or the pink tax.

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Should women pay more?

Many people consider the pink tax a form of discrimination against women. Women are half the population and many of the items they use are very similar to those used by men. When it comes to items such as sanitary products, which are only used by women,this is a function of biology and making women pay more simply because they have female organs and hormones seems rather unfair.

The pay gap between the genders is closing, but men are still often paid more, and women need the money just as much. Even when it comes to a basic service such as dry cleaning, the pink tax can be applied. To learn more about this issue, see this report in The Guardian.

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Cost of living

Research conducted in New York discovered that it costs women around 7 percent more than men just to live, not helped by the pink tax. It appears that a lot of marketing and advertising is targeted at women, and so it appears that women end up paying more for similar items. Men and women do not require highly specific toiletries, yet the same generic products often cost less when aimed at men. MPs are considering a Bill that will aim to eliminate this price differential.

Although women often pay extra for essential items, as women live longer, it is possible they need to hold on to their money more. A good accountant can always help with this. If you are considering the services of Cheltenham accountants then it would be a good idea to consult accountants Cheltenham based who are offering the services you require. In Cheltenham accountants are equipped with latest software and tools for delivering efficient money management.

Perhaps women need to make their feelings on the pink tax known by refusing to buy generic items that cost more for the female version. Changing laws can make a difference, but consumers can make a stand today by choosing products based on efficacy and suitability for the job and ignoring packaging aimed at gender.


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