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Why you should consider using a carport

Many of us have garages that we use to store all sorts of items, usually leaving our cars outside subjected to the elements. If this is what has happened with your garage or perhaps you only have a driveway at your property it may be an idea to consider a carport. Not only do these keep any passengers dry in the wet weather but it also helps to protect your car form the elements but allow ventilation around the car. You can find a Bespoke Oak Carport available from

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to have a carport installed.

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Protection in all weathers – carports are built with roofs and in some case can also be fitted with sides depending on the style of carport that you decide on. This means that your car is protected from rain, sleet, snow, hail stones and all other sorts of bad weather that have car owners worrying. It also means that once you park your car you and your passengers have a certain amount of protection as well. Depending on the location of your carport in relation to your property and any entrance doors you may find that you actually create a covered walkway across to your door as well, which is perfect for those wet and windy autumn days. This adds an extra element of protection for drivers leaving their cars in the dark wintery months and may also deter vandals from approaching your property if they have to enter a carport near to the house. You can further increase the security of your carport by having cameras installed to monitor the movements with it. As a carport does not have a door like other traditional garages it can make it easier when leaving the car with lots of shopping bags in your hand or perhaps a sleeping child in your arms. You no longer have to try and fight to keep the bags in your hands or the child in your arms whilst trying to close the garage door.

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Other uses – a carport can be useful for storing other vehicles such as motorbikes and even boats that you want to protect from the inclement weather conditions. In the warmer summer weather, you can also use the space as a shaded area for children to play under or perhaps even sit outside to enjoy a meal in the evening along with a glass of your favourite drink.


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