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Would you get in a car with no Driver?

It is predicted that very soon we will start to see driverless cars on our roads. This is causing a lot of concern for many and a sense of relief for others. There are many unanswered questions about driverless cars, one of them being how it knows it’s time for its MOT and will the driverless system itself be part of the MOT Gloucester checks.

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Whether anyone will use, or be comfortable using the driverless car is a probably going to be a generational thing. Our children might well be the last ones to remember someone driving and those being born now may well find that when they reach 17 there will be little or no need for a provisional licence. Private car hire, at least of ones that you can drive might be a thing of the past.  This has profound effects for the car manufacturing business especially if this is added to the rise and demand on the electric car. It will become a feature of our lives that we will be using driverless electric cars to ferry us around.

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What are the benefits of such cars? The supporters of the cars cite many. First of all, there are reduced costs to the environment (especially if they are electric) as the car will be aspirated to run at the most economical speed and to the shortest route. There is also the added safety factor, the most greatly disputed part, as the cars will follow pre-sets that should make a crash totally avoidable being that the car will never exceed speeds or take unnecessary overtaking risks as a human would.  This also follows that incidents with pedestrians would fall as a car entering a zone would immediately slowdown in urban areas and be fitted with lots of sensors so as to pick up any anomalies in the road.

There would no longer be a need for car insurance other than that covered by the business running the cars. The elderly and disabled, or those that simply have never learned to drive, would no longer be limited to asking friends and family to take them somewhere. It would also mean the end of the Taxi and the problems of fair charging and security for travellers from the driver. There are still many unanswered questions left on safety and regulations but it seems that this is certainly where the future lies.

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