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Youth early start with Entreprenuership ,be a Netrepreneur

Youths are encourage to be engaged in activities that fosters a better understanding of themselves . It enables others and the community to make positive life choices which allows them to maximize their potentials. Youths must be mentored. They have the ability to learn, reinforce and practice to apply skills which is necessary to their development. It also helps them to reach out to positive academic, career, and personal goals to meet social competence.

The New Digital media engages youths and challenges them academically. Thus, helps to foster their abilities to express themselves and life-long learning. Journey of a thousand miles, begins with the First Step. So start off “First Step” with

New Book  – “Blogging by Million, Earn By Millions.”

This book inspire prospective young entrepreneurs to learn modern methods in online marketing and entrepreneurship skills and enable them to tackle the problem of unemployment by equipping them with internet marketing skill to take up income generating projects with New ideas

Entrepreneurship starts young and as mentioned it will require much time to nurture with good attitude and entrepreneurship skills . A Good perception is needed to inspire youth that entrepreneurship is a strong opportunity for young people that they must be nurtured with while gain experience, self-esteem, and employability and create wealth.

All business start small before they get to grow . Entrepreneurship has been all the while been linked with being adventurous , ambition, dynamism, innovation , and a thriving enthusiastic spirit , But beyond that , However, there are only a few who are Not afraid to fail , who can sell ideas and turn them into profits, these few are the ones called entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the process of trying out New ideas ,creating product or New services and assuming the role in organizing, managing, and absorbing the risks, Not afraid of failure and enjoying the rewards of a business. Most people see entrepreneurship as the opportunity to pursue the dream of working for themselves. For many, it’s not always about the money, but rather, about the passion and the challenge.

What would stimulate youth entrepreneurship?

Start with a good old Lao Tzu’s saying

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. – Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime” ………………..this famous quote is the best saying even for present societies which can inspire Youth to live by in order to promote them to become Young entrepreneurs.

Make Entrepreneurship an “Welcome “ option for young people. In many countries entrepreneurship is not perceived as a viable option for young people seeking employment. Main reasons are because of the following stigma

-Many families put much focus on earning wages rather than creating wealth as they have the perception that a good qualifications will guarantee people to be employed . Therefore this cause the expectation that if the family effort to help young people get a degree is not realized , will deem the youth’s future. Thus it has become a stigma to present societies around the world .

-Another major stigma is Failure . The fear of failure is a strong discouragement to starting your own business. Entrepreneurship is not valued in many societies with high esteem as it is not similar to working with a Government agency or with a large corporation .

Therefore potential young entrepreneurs are usually tend to be more risk averse and are less afraid of the financial and social costs of failure as they out weigh both the the benefits of success over failure

What would stimulate youth entrepreneurship?

1Capitalize on Social Media and networking and create good PR campaign to instill entrepreneur ideals for the Youth

2. Ensure that education system is tailored relevant to the needs of young people to find decent and productive work. . This education should start from early school days through vocational training, universities and business incubation for young entrepreneurs. Pursue the need for developing the skills and attitudes that make up an entrepreneurial mindset for the Youth

3 . Encourage entrepreneurial activities by promoting the concept of entrepreneurship and self-employment as well as training for entrepreneurs.

4 . Reduce the fear of failure and boost perception of the value of entrepreneurs to society. Ensure the value to the economy of entrepreneurship and wealth creation is well understood by everyone involved in training, education and working with young people

5. Identify Role Models and champions from among young people and successful entrepreneurs. Persuade experienced business people to promote self-employment as a genuine career option for young people.

6. Create prestigious awards to celebrate the success of entrepreneurs

The opportunities available to an entrepreneur are totally unlimited which is most encouraging ,and now with the recent introduction of New Media technology , it offers Globalization opportunities for all whom dared to implement new ideas online

Entrepreneurs need the right environments to grow their company. This environment will include other Governmental organizations, companies or even educational institutions that help to grow the business by providing seed funding or example ..some short-term self-sustaining micro-credit mechanisms for business start-ups which are regarded as a highly effective social investment. Government and employers can play a role in influencing banks to give preferential loan and repayment options to young entrepreneurs.

Be a Netreprenuer for start ,learn and try internet marketing and understand how the Young Savvies can earn millions by Blogging , totally committed to their current Job, yet still progress in their Netrepreneurship

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