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    Concerned about sex?

    Sex isn’t always as straightforward as we would like it to be. Sometimes, problems can arise, and we’re faced with sex troubles. It could be that emotionally, we feel bad about sex or physically, we’re not experiencing as much pleasure as we used to. Many factors influence how we feel about sex and our sexuality, from our culture, family, religion or media influences. Worrying about it though is unlikely improve things and it could reduce the pleasure we feel and encourage us to take risks or not use adequate protection. Image credit Often, we feel a great deal of pressure around sex, to having relations before we’re ready or worrying…

  • The 8 foods richest in folic acid

    The 8 foods richest in folic acid

    The 8 foods richest in folic acid. A varied diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole foods and legumes provide a good dose of vitamin B9. Necessary for the proper functioning of the defenses and the nervous system, vitamin B9, better known as folic acid, should not be lacking in a healthy and balanced diet.

  • How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?
    Pregnancy Care

    How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

    Contraception is the right and, in some way, the duty of every woman who is responsible for her life, family, and future. The birth of children should be planned, desired, it should be a holiday and the greatest happiness in the world, and not an incident that happened by chance. You need to prepare for it both morally and financially. And if at the moment you are not ready to replenish in the family, then you should pay attention to oral contraceptives.

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    Facts surrounding our house moving habits

    Moving homes is considered one of the most stressful things that you can do in life, along with getting married and having children. Once you have organised a Bristol Removals Company you can rest assured in knowing that your items will be transported from one place to another carefully. I Move Removals are a Bristol Removals company that can help with all your packing and removal needs. Image Credit There are many interesting facts surrounding our home moving habits and here are just a few for you to have a look through. Thousands of people across the world move house each day with people living in two an three bedroom…

  • Getting back in shape after childbirth: the best diet after pregnancy
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    Getting back in shape after childbirth: the best diet after pregnancy

    Getting back in shape after childbirth: the best diet after pregnancy. Getting back in shape after childbirth is a goal that every new mother rightly wants to achieve. To do this, you need to choose the right foods, make an active life. And above all do not be in a hurry. It will take, in fact, some months, at least 9, for the body to return to being tonic as before. After giving birth it is more difficult to lose weight. Because the body due to the absence of the cycle is led to accumulating stocks to compensate for the increased energy requirement also determined by breastfeeding.

  • Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar

    Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar

    Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar. But only with strawberries, apricots, and apples. And with a touch of ginger or cinnamon (photo). A single contraindication for those who prepare jams without sweeteners: they should be consumed early. They last less. The cooking is always the same: about 40 minutes. With strawberries, add carrots and lemon.

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    A wonderful festival on the Isle of Wight

    There are a number of annual music festivals that take place in various locations across the country including both large and small scale events. Other than the love of music all these festivas have one thing in common, the need for Event Medical Cover. If you are thinking of holding a similar type of event Outdoor Medical Solutions provide event medical cover and it might be worth contacting them to see how they can help you. Image Credit Amongst some of the largest festivals are the ones held at Glastonbury and also the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight festival takes place in the summer each year and has…